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Achieve Your Freedom & Divinity

I welcome you to my website, dear reader. Having been through challenges taught me to survive and become capable not just for me, but for others. Transcending my experiences led me to freedom, and allowed me to teach and help. I can guide those who have similar life experiences by sharing my knowledge. I tried many solutions for many years, very few ideas worked. Today I know why, and I know how...

Earthly experiences are the hardest in the Universe. Freedom is hard to achieve, let alone Divine Freedom. We are courageous to incarnate in the times of war, uncertainty, when everything gets questioned, looked at, dismantled, rebuilt. We face daily challenges. Sometimes it seems close to impossible to solve life issues. To be able to solve anything, the understanding must come. Your divine connection must come in. Without truth, without understanding the cause, the reasons behind, solutions won't come easy. I experienced it first hand. Your freedom is your choice. You are Divinity.

The Divine Light Beings are working with us to bring Ascension & Freedom. I am to hear, they help. 

In deep respect for all that you are,


Author, Certified Board of Knowledge Practitioner (1-5), Universal White Time Healer, Goddess Ascension Codes Practitioner

Author, Certified Board of Knowledge Practitioner (1-5), Universal White Time Healer, Goddess Ascension Codes Practitioner


You are perfect...You are Divine... You are God

Whether you believe it or not... When you realize that you are Divine and God lives within, you will know that whatever you do, right or wrong, is only actions. You are not your actions... You are more.  Our self-expression come through the prism of learning. The lack of knowing how to act, what is right or wrong, make us believe we are imperfect...

God does not judge you. There are no mistakes made, only accumulated experiences. The healing begins by transcending all that you have experienced, and by releasing the need to be attached to rights or wrongs. When you rise above your life experiences, you will know, you are of the Divine Nature and all is in Divine Order. God is You.

The life lived results in soul traumas which hold us back. We get damaged. Know that healing must ensue. By releasing layers of who you are not, by shedding the false identities of rights and wrongs, you will emerge.

The emergence of Who You Are is of Divine. You will.

The Love within shall guide you. 



Sessions with Divine


Attunements can be done for various reasons. Sometimes consciousness needs to be fine-tuned either energetically, or aligned to All that you Are. Aligned in union with your Higher Self, or with the Divine Self within God, and outside of Creation. It is all possible...


Healing doesn’t have to take long. This healing is rather light language of the Divine that brings in the missing light that you need. The Holy Light energies of the Divine come in during the session. Your condition heals. The Holy Love of Light brings to you the strongest energies...


The most difficult life-long standing problems, impossible situations, difficult issues without solutions, will change. The Divine of the Highest Divine of the Board of Knowledge co-creates with the God Consciousness the solutions you seek. Prayers take longer to achieve results...

Divine Human

For those who feel ready and need to step up to the next level in their Divine evolution, Divine Human templates exist. Board of Knowledge shifts individual into a path of becoming a Divine individual. You are ascending. The Love and light increases, you align to the highest...


Consciousness decluttering will lead you into freedom. The blockages in your consciousness get removed. Ceremonial upgrade removes 50,000 blocks in one session. This major restructuring of consciousness leads to gifts and talents coming through as blocks are leaving...

Higher Self Alignment

Your Higher Self experiences life through you. They are aware yet learning. They program our consciousness to fulfill the destiny. They manifest, they experiment. If your life is not working, it is because... they manifest. Alignment, co-creation and agreements...



The Book "Reptilians"

The book series "Reptilians" encompass several books and are based on a true story. They embody a large collection of topics. The theme is intertwined with the personal struggle, love, failure, success, loss, and victory. It is a personal story of ascension and  descension in a spiritual sense. It is a story of a personal hell, hardship and enormous effort to win. Support, help, love, care are the cornerstones of survival. Who are those who came to assist? Humanity is truly blessed… 


Activations' Symbols


Collections of Symbols

We have released several collections thematically put together into the following booklets: Mind, Body, Heart, Blessings, Saints. These are the light language symbols that were created by Jose Sanchez for the purpose of Ascension, healing, expansion, activation and initiations. All symbols are unique. You grow easy. Your energy becomes more refined. 

Your Innermost